Discover Rossford, Ohio: A Journey Through Time, Space, and Culture

Rossford, Ohio, nestled within the heart of the Midwest, is a picturesque city that offers a delightful blend of rich history, charming neighborhoods, and modern amenities. Founded in 1898, the city has grown from a small yet thriving community to a bustling urban enclave that is home to over 6,300 residents, according to the 2020 Census.

A Glimpse into Rossford’s History

The origins of Rossford trace back to the late 19th century when it was established by industrialist Edward Ford of the Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company. The city is intricately linked with the glass industry, an association that it cherishes and preserves till this day.

  • 1898: Foundation year, marking the beginning of a thriving community.
  • Glass Industry: The cornerstone of the city’s economy and culture.
  • 20th Century Growth: An era of expansion and development.

In the annals of Rossford’s history, a complex tapestry of cultural, economic, and architectural development is woven, showcasing its transformation over the decades.

Neighborhoods in Rossford

The city of Rossford presents a blend of traditional and contemporary living through its distinct neighborhoods. Each neighborhood, with its unique character and charm, offers a diverse living experience.

Table of Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Notable Features
Eagle Point Colony Known for historic homes and scenic landscapes.
Veterans Park A hub of greenery and recreational activities.
Indian Hills Characterized by rolling hills and a peaceful ambiance.
Walnut Hills A mix of modern and classic architectural designs.

Eagle Point Colony

Nestled along the majestic Maumee River, Eagle Point Colony is revered for its historic homes, each telling a story of the rich architectural and cultural legacy of Rossford. The serenity of the river, coupled with the lush green landscapes, makes it a paradise for those seeking a tranquil living experience.

Veterans Park

Veterans Park epitomizes the quintessential urban park experience, offering residents a space where natural beauty and recreational amenities coexist. From children’s playgrounds to walking trails, it is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

Indian Hills

Among the rolling hills and sprawling greens, Indian Hills stands as a testament to Rossford’s commitment to preserving natural beauty while fostering community living. The neighborhood is characterized by its picturesque setting and peaceful ambiance.

Walnut Hills

Walnut Hills showcases a blend of architectural designs, from classic homes that exude historical charm to modern edifices that embody contemporary elegance. It is a neighborhood where the past and present merge seamlessly.

Notable Attractions

Rossford Marina

Rossford Marina is not just a docking station but a gateway to the awe-inspiring beauty of the Maumee River. It is a favorite spot for boating enthusiasts and those looking to capture the picturesque views of the river and its surroundings.

The Glass Industry Museum

Paying homage to Rossford’s indomitable spirit and significant contributions to the glass industry, The Glass Industry Museum houses artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that chronicle the city’s journey through the annals of industrial success.

Recreational Parks

Rossford’s parks are the city’s lungs, offering spaces of greenery, recreation, and tranquility. Veterans Park, Indian Hills Park, and others serve as communal grounds where residents gather to celebrate the harmony of nature and community.

Statistical Data

According to the 2020 Census, Rossford’s population stands at 6,300, marking a steady growth in the past decade. The city has a diverse demographic, with a median age of 36.5 years.

  • Population: 6,300
  • Median Age: 36.5 years
  • Median Household Income: $62,000
  • Number of Households: 2,400


Rossford, Ohio, with its rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and attractive amenities, is a city that offers a unique living experience. Each street, park, and corner of Rossford narrates a tale of a city that is deeply rooted in its historical legacy while soaring towards a future of possibilities. Whether you are drawn by its historical allure, enchanted by its neighborhoods, or captivated by its modern amenities, Rossford welcomes you with open arms, promising a journey of discovery and belonging.